On April 15th our house caught fire. It was arson by our youngest daughter (18) in retaliation for making our 20 yr old son leave our home for a theft he had done to us. It seems she used the stove to catch some magazines on fire and then tossed some of the flaming material into the living room and her room, starting 3 fires. No people nor animals were hurt in the fire, but our home is unlivable right now. I thank many people for the help offered since that horrible day which has changed our lives forever. Rick and Tanya Curren came with their son Pierce to offer their support, it was nice to have some friends there who did the thinking for us. You can see Pierce Curren in the videos of Scaly Adventures that are posted here on my site, or Rick and Tanya thru their ministry Boundless Limits, the link is posted on links page. Thank you for being there for us, it meant a lot to us.
Rick and Tanya were called to come by Safe Haven and Educational Adventures, another friend of ours. You can also find the link to their site on our Links Page.
When I got the call around 3pm April 15th made by my daughter, I was at work in Simpsonville. I had just dropped a client off and was at the Big Lots looking for a birthday gift for my husbands birthday on the 17th. We lost his older sister to cancer last year on his birthday, so I wanted to find something somewhere that would be extra special and possibly put a smile on his face during what was going to be a ruff day for him.
 She hysterically told me the house was on fire. Once I got a lil more information out of her, a man came on the line, Mr.Davis is a neighbor we hadn't met yet, and had been driving down the road stopping at our house when he saw the smoke. Mr. Davis told me to stop what I was doing and get home right away, that my house was burning to the ground. I was becoming a bit hysterical myself after hearing that, but had the mind to keep focus on what was most immediately needed. I called My boss lady of Able care Transport, told her I had just dropped a client who would need pickup covered, and 2 more a lil later in the day whom would need pick up. I told her about the call to come home now since my house was on fire. I begged her not to tell my husband, or anyone for that matter, (so no one said anything to him) and to please just send him home as soon as possible. The last thing I could deal with at that time was the 2 of us driving upset on the road, and god forbid something happening to him.
I called my daughter dozens of times on the way home, upset that I was not reaching her. Another neighbor called me on the way home to tell me she had my dogs. They was running loose so she picked them up and called the number on their tag. I begged her to hold them for a few hours, And then call me. I finally got ahold of Destiny, and gleaned a lil more details out of her, it seems my flock that was in the house was alive, as she had let them out of the cages and opened a window.there was 4 Quaker parrots, 1 Cockatiel, and 1 bare eye Cockatoo in the bird room.
I got home an hour later, and my heart just sank. I couldn't see much of the house walking up, with all the rescue people and vehicles I knew even seeing some of the outside of the house wouldn't tell me how much damage, as that was brick. My mind kept going over what Mr.Davis had said, " your house is burning to the ground " I got closer and saw the roof was still there, and started thinking things may not be as bad as I thought then, I got permission to go inside since the fire was out. And while it wasn't all gone, it was still heartbreaking. The fire was in Three rooms, living room, kitchen, and daughters bedroom, pretty much each end of the house and middle. Three rooms was not touched by fire, and was almost untouched with smoke damage, our room, birds room, and office, what smoke damage in those was from air vents, as those doors were shut. The two bathrooms, laundry room and hallways are black with smoke damage, and maybe heat damage. I went back outside trying hard not to break down. All I could think of was my animals... I could hear my flock calling to me. Someone told me two was caught, Pugly the bare eyed cockatoo, and charlie the cockateil, both are rescue birds, they didn't come from bad homes, just homes that wasnt able to keep them any longer, and now that was my status also, I had nowhere to keep me, let alone them. My mind clicked on Safe Haven, and I called, had to leave a message. I did get a call back shortly after, and help was on the way. My flock that could be caught was going to Safe Haven until our situation changed. I can't tell you how much that means to me, knowing the flock was going to be ok. Safe Haven arrived soon, as we didn't live to far away from them. Soon my husband Chris arrived not knowing what he was coming home to. My husband was devastated, it is a huge blow to lose what you have worked so hard for, to see it in that state, and in days from the anniversary of another tragedy the year before. We looked at the damage again together and went back outside. We talked with firemen, and police, checked on Charlie and Pugly, and talked with the people who had my dogs, they had called while we was checking on the birds, and had come to bring them to us. I thank them so much, just knowing they was alright before I got home was such a big relief. Chris and I was talking again with someone ( firemen or police) when I heard Kim of Safe Haven calling me urgently. I ran to her, she was in a tree by the house, and caught a Quaker. It was Clark, I held him to me while she went to get a carrier for him she'd brought, we put him in it, and once he was safe, that's when it all came crashing down on me. I could'nt hold it back no longer, I broke with big gut wrenching sobs holding Clark in his carrier close not wanting to let go. That is all we recovered of my precious flock that day. We wrapped up things at the house with officials and left with our dogs to go to my bother in law, Lonnie's  home for the night, We had seen nothing of our three cats in all this.
The next day we found out our dogs had bothered the neighbors so much they had been texting Lonnie to quiet them. Rather than wake us, he had went down to the garage and slept in the bed of his truck to keep them company so they wouldn't be upset. That was so sweet of him to do. But we decided to take them back home and put them in our detached garage so they wouldn't continue to do that. We went back to the house to look for the cats and the missing flock. We saw Heckle and Lois. Heckle is a visual blue Quaker and from my first ever clutch by Lois and Superman. Lois is a pallid green Quaker, and was the mate I had gotten for Clark to make my first pair. We started contact calls back and forth, got close to sit by them awhile with food for them. We did manage to lure Lois to me with the food. While I sat holding her and watching to keep Heckle in sight, Chris went to get a cage out of the garage for her. We put her in and she flew back out! Neither of us had noticed the cage top that opens to put a perch for out of cage time had came open. I was crushed. I decided to call Safe Haven again for help, and got it. We all sat out in different areas of our neighbors yards trying to lure the two down for food so we could either net them or grab them. It took hours, and lots of patience, but we did get Lois back. I now had my first two back, my precious Lois and Clark, along with the 2 rescues, Charlie and Pugly. We called it a night, and sent Lois to Safe Haven to be with Clark, and the rest of the flock. We did also see Frost, my white cat that day. Every day my Husband and I was back to check the dogs, and each day saw another cat. We have all 3 cats, Frost, Whicket, and Rev, there's even a beautiful smokey gray stray cat that was eating our animals food seen back around, and the 2 dogs, Cbear, and Lizzy. After three nights we are settled into the Days Inn in Easley, Whats left of the flock is at Safe Haven and Educational Adventures, but the dogs and cats still have to live at home, as we have nowhere else to keep them. But they do seem happier being home. When we have the time and funds to do so, we are gonna put up some type of enclosure that will let them come and go from the garage and not be locked in it all day, or on a chain while they have to wait for us to get there after work.
Everyone asks what they can do to help, or if there is anything they can do to let them know. Our needs, of Chris and I, are met at the moment, my concern is for our animals however. The Cats and Dogs, are not in an idea situation right now, but it can be dealt with for now. The flock is my concern now for the most part. Not where they are staying, I know they are getting the best care, but whats going on with Safe Haven right now. I was speaking with Safe Haven one night about insurance concerns we had. Our house insurance is canceling us in about 3 months, so was asking advice on that and talking in general. During the conversation I learned Safe Haven is facing fore closer. I heard how they tried to pay to catch up, only to have it refused and sent back, and now its to over $10,000 to stop it being foreclosed. They are only about halfway there, and each month its getting higher. There are hundreds of exotic animals there, reptiles, marmoset, avian, so many of all kinds. I keep thinking about our issues and my main concern and biggest hurdle has been, what about the animals? What about the animals there at Safe Haven? If it closes, where would they go? Decent non-profit Sanctuary's are a must. There is not enough of them around for exotic animals as it is. I would ask that anyone who wants to know what they could do to help us out with our loss right now, would instead give to Safe Haven. You are welcome to contact me if you wish about this, there is a link on links page to them, that has a place you can donate  directly to Safe Haven and Educational Adventures. Please wont you consider doing this, tell your friends and as many as you can, help is needed, and its needed soon, before its to late. This is a good legit non-profit exotic animal sanctuary, that I have volunteered at when time allows, that was there for me at a phone call, to come help catch my flock and offer them a home for as long as they had one available for them.

Thank you so much
Anna Cales