Available Parrots

Terms for pet stores are different. Contact me to inquire.

Adopting our available babies will require a signed contract. There is a 72 hour health guarantee included .You will have all the expected "ownership" rights and responsibilities. But you will not be able to transfer those rights to any other individual, or organization. At anytime you are unable to care for, or to keep in your home, your adopted parrot, you are of the understanding it will come back to GPP, with no expected monetary reimbursement forthcoming. This is for the protection of the parrot, not everyone who thinks they are ready for the challenges of having a parrot is truly ready. To many of these animals end up in undesirable situations because their caretaker did not take the time to learn of their needs. Please read and research before you decide a parrot is right for you. What you don't know CAN KILL your parrot. I am available for questions if you need me. I am not an expert, I may not know all the answers you are looking for, but I will help you along in any way that I can in finding the answers you need. 



Pierce Curren does educational videos for his Scaly Adventures show of Cain, Able and Seth..
See more of Scaly Adventures @ www.ScalyAdventures.com
Romeo & Juliet have a clutch of 6 now hatching.. They will be available in about 2 months... All have been adopted..
Hatch Date  Name  Band ID
1. 6/03/12  Cain  GPP 014
2. 6/05/12  Able  GPP 015
3. 6/07/12  Seth  GPP 016

Will be accepting deposits on babies now....

 Adoption Fees

 Fees are firm, I do not ask the expected full price of my birds, but I do need something to continue to give quality care.

Normal Green $200.

 Pallid Green $250.

Blue $300.

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